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Winter trial 28th January 2024

Our last winter trial had 17 dogs run in the bitter cold. Thank you to our course director and those who let out.



January 28th 2024

17 ran



1.     Grace Gower, Lydden, Kelsall, 71

2.     Jo Dorrell, Dover, Rhydale Tip, 69

3.     Roger Levy, London, Ellan Vannin Megan, 65



1.     Mark Banham, Surrey, Shabden Glen, 91

2.     Mark Banham, Surrey, Jon, 81



1.     Hazel Long, Canterbury, Wren, 59

2.     Grace Gower, Lydden, Ayesha, 33,

3.     Olivia Lepine, Teasel, 26

4.     Ian Robinson, Essex, Lexi, 20


Young handler: Grace Gower


Aggregate awards:

Nursery-Mark Banham, Jon

Novice-Jo Dorrell, Rhydale Tip

Cradle-Hazel Long, Wren

Puppy cup-Hazel Long, Wren

Young handler-Grace Gower

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