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RESULTS 7th January 2024 trial

Happy New Year to all.

Our first trial of 2024 ran smoothly and the sheep were more cooperative than in 2023!

Thanks to our letter outters and our course director Amanda.


7th January 2024

Judge: Elizabeth Lauder

16 ran


1. Mark Banham, Surrey, Jon, 81

2. Wendy Cole, Essex, Gipping Valley Lil, 73

3. Mark Banham, Surrey, Shabden Glen, 70

4. Elaine Anstey, Kirdford, Joy, 58

5. Jo Dorrell, Dover, Gipping Valley Jack, 53

6. Elaine Anstey, Kirdford, Ben, 47


1. Jo Dorrell, Dover, Rhydale Tip, 72

2. Grace Gower, Lydden, Kelsall, 66

3. Roger Levy, London, Megan, 43


1. Hazel Long, Canterbury, Wren, 65

2. Grace Gower, Lydden, Ayesha, 33

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