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WESTWELL TRIAL 2nd July 2023

Another great day for a Romney Marsh trial at Westwell. The dogs ran on a perfectly manicured field on a glorious sunny day. Thank you to Doug Millen and the Lister family for making this possible. We are grateful to those who let out, it sounds like it was a tough task. Thanks also to our judges Amy and Hazel, and those who helped set up before, worked hard during the trial and clear away on the day.






2nd July  2023


29 ran



Judge: Amy Rouse (Cambridge)


  1. Meik Wessendorf, Germany, Mo, 81tu OLF

  2. Jackie Marsh, Golden Cross, Star, 81

  3. Mark Banham, Surrey, Foxridge Brooke, 76tu

  4.  Meik Wessendorf, Germany, Elsa, 76

  5. Jackie Marsh, Golden Cross, Kath, 74

  6. Tim Foster, Creaton, Molly, 72



  1. Mark Banham, Surrey, Foxridge Brooke, 76tu

  2. Graeme Eusden, Surrey, Foxridge Dale, 71

  3. Grace Gower, Dover, Jim, 67tu

  4. Grace Gower, Dover, Jade, 60tu

  5. Grace Gower, Dover, Kelsall, 56tu

  6. Roger Levy, London, Megan, 43tu


Starter (70)

Judge: Hazel Long (Canterbury)


  1. Jill Bastable, Tonbridge, Meg, 55tu

  2. Jo Dorrell, Dover, Jack, 45tu

  3. Caileigh Eddie, Rugby, Sally, 42

  4. Roger Levy, London, Aine, 31tu




KMG Trophy for Highest Lady: Jackie Marsh

Kathmick Shepherds Cup for highest place Shepherd in Open: Hazel Long

Maurice and Joan Upton Cup for best drive: Meik Wessendorf

Hocky Hoare Memorial Cup open winner: Meik Wessendorf

Hocky Hoare Shield, Novice winner: Mark Banham

Best hobbyist: Tim Foster

Starter class trophy: Jill Bastable

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