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Lynsted trial results 9/6/24

Thank you to everyone who made our first 2024 trial run smoothly. We send thanks to our judge Harry Plant and a big thank you to Ellen and her team for all their hard work and support, and Stewart for use of the sheep, and to the landowner for the  use of the field. As always, we are grateful for the assistance taking down at the end of the trial.





9th  June 2024


25 ran


Open (100)

Judge: Harry Plant (Rugby)


  1. Caileigh Eddie, Rugby, Bonnie, 75T

  2. Mark Banham, Surrey, Taff, 73T olfd

  3. Caileigh Eddie, Rugby, Sally, 73T olf

  4. Hazel Long, Canterbury, Ted, 73

  5. Mark Banham, Surrey, Jon, 72T

  6. Jo Dorrell, Dover, Gipping Valley Jack, 68T



  1.  Jo Dorrell, Dover, Gipping Valley Jack, 68T

  2. Grace Gower, Lydden, Kelsall, 64T

  3. Elaine Anstey, Kirdford, Ben, 61T

  4. Elaine Anstey, Kirdford, Joy, 54T

  5. Hazel Long, Canterbury, Wren, 52T

  6. Karen Gearing, Hove, Swan, 40T


Starter (70)

Judge: Hazel Long

  1. Elizabeth Lauder, Lynsted, Jake, 40

  2. Steve Cook, Canterbury, Jamie, 29






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