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LYNSTED TRIAL 11th June 2023




11th  June 2023


25 ran


Open (100)

Judge: Mark Paice


1.     Harry Plant, Rugby, Floss, 81

2.     Wendy Cole, Essex, Mheg, 80

3.     Steve Burton, Herons Ghyll  Rick, 70

4.     Mark Banham, Surrey, Taff, 64

5.     Jackie Marsh, Golden Cross, Star, 62

6.     Mark Banham, Surrey, Brooke, 58



1.     Steve Burton, Herons Ghyll, Rick, 70

  1. Mark Banham, Surrey, Brooke, 58

3.     John Marsh, Golden Cross, Paige, 55

4.     Roger Levy, London, Megan, 38

5.     Grace Gower, Lydden, Jade, 28


Starter (70)

Judge: Hazel Long

1.     Ellen Eagles, Lynsted, Meg, 34tu

2.     Roger Levy, London, Aine, 15tu


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