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Kent Championship Results, Snargate, 6th August 2023

Kent Championship


6th August 2023


A lovely day down on the Marsh for our Kent Championship. The weather held off and remained sunny throughout. We thank Ed Lovejoy for the field and the sheep. We thank Elaine Anstey for judging, Ron Beecham for course directing, the letter outters and those who helped make quick work of taking down the course.

We also send thanks to the family of our late President Les Ramsden, for presenting our Les Ramsden memorial shield for the young handler with the most points from “Snargate to Snargate”. This was presented to Harvey Lauder.


Judge: Elaine Anstey

20 ran



1.     John Marsh, Golden Cross, Del 61

2.     Kaja Zupec, Slovenia, Scott, 60

3.     Kaja Zupec, Slovenia, Kenzie, 58

4.     Filip Vandamme, Belgium, Gael, 53

5.     Mark Banham, Surrey, Brooke, 48 OLF

6.     Harvey Lauder, Lynsted, Jake, 48



1.     Sarah Walker, Stelling Minnis, Ara, 46

2.     Roger Levy, London, Megan, 41



Ernest Finn Shield, Open Winner: John Marsh, Del

Presidents Cup, highest placed farmer: John Marsh

Kathmick tray, highest placed lady in open: Kaja Zupec

Dave Thompson Anniversary, best pen: John Marsh, Del

John Gascoigne “silence is golden” cup: Harvey Lauder, Jake


Les Ramsden Memorial shield (most points gained by a young handler Snargate to Snargate): Harvey Lauder

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